January 2012

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Get Organized Month – What are you doing?

January is Get Organized Month sponsored by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). (Yes, there is such a group!) Of 400 adults polled in a November 2008 public survey: 96 percent said they would save time every day by becoming more organized Among those 96 percent, 15 percent felt they could save more than […]

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Work-Life Balance

Boring is good…sometimes

photo credit: Idhren Two things occurred this week that made me ponder on life being in balance. First, since it is early January, when I saw friends and asked them about their Christmas, many replied that they were relieved how quiet it was. Because the whole season was frantic and stressful, they kept the actual holiday weekend […]

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Managing Time schedule

Create Your Ideal Schedule

When I feel out of alignment, I often step back and realize that my time is not being spent the way I want it to be spent. I’m operating either without a plan or doing whatever is on top of my desk or what my family or clients ask me to do. It is then […]

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