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Debbie Gilster

Debbie Gilster  –  Founder & Chief Productivity Guru

A bit about me…

I am passionate about helping people to work and live more simply. I am all about making money and working hard BUT having life-balance too. I hope you can see this on my site, in my articles and when I speak with you.

I worked in the corporate environment for over 15 years – my last big company job was as the Business Process Reengineering Manager for Mazda. I helped start a small woman’s purse company that was profitable in its first year, selling to over 250 stores across the country. We designed and imported crochet handbags from China. I learned many lessons first-hand (plus got more gray hair), but what great experiences to share with my clients!

I’ve been running my consulting business since 1999. It started out as Organize & Computerize and we did a name change to Center for Growth & Productivity and are shortening it to just Center for Productivity. I’ve had employees and now have a virtual team. Since late-2007, I transitioned the company services to help anyone, anywhere by providing virtual services, products and training using the internet and telephone. I’ve had to become internet marketing savvy – and I’m still learning!

I have a Master’s degree in Systems Management from USC and am the former Vice President of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers). I’ve been a QuickBooks Advisor for more years than I can count. I am the Study Leader for a 130-person women’s bible study at my church and I teach others how to be stewards of their money.

I have been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The LA Times, The Orange County Register, Home Office Computing, Bottom-Line Personal, OC Family, Woman’s Day, Fast Company and various other publications. Coast Magazine dubbed me “Goddess of the Filing Cabinet.” I’ve ad the pleasure of being interviewed on CBS, OCN and KFI Talk Radio. My articles have appeared in Floral Retailing Magazine, association newsletters and on various websites. I am the creator of the Operations Manual QuickStart Kit and the soon to be released Get Your Financial House in Order program. I am the author of QuickBooks: Tips, Tricks & How-To Guide; and The Organized Christian Woman Bible Study, and co-author of The Organized Christian Woman Speaker’s Kit.

I am organized because I have to be in order to feel sane in life. I juggle many roles – wife, mother of two boys, entrepreneur, manager, author, volunteer, family member, friend – oh yeah, and myself. I know the issues you are going through. Like you, I produce invoices, prepare analysis reports, motivate my team, determine the strategic direction of my company, make dinner, clean the house, attend kid functions, go to church, volunteer my time, attend association meetings and – oh yeah, exercise and spend quality time with my husband.

I am computerized when it is appropriate. The computer is a tool and it should be used to make our lives easier. I have a gift for teaching people how and what to use on their computer. I am a true analyst and problem solver. I am all about systems and process to help you be more effective. When something takes too long I automatically start thinking of a way to improve the process. Sometimes it’s a curse. Ask me what happens when I’m ready to check out at the grocery store!

I have a passion for my job and the task of helping people, like you, to regain some much needed control in their lives! I look forward to talking with you through my newsletters, products, classes and articles.

Please feel free to contact me.

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