Boring is good…sometimes

by Debbie Gilster

in Work-Life Balance

Creative Commons License photo credit: Idhren

Two things occurred this week that made me ponder on life being in balance.

First, since it is early January, when I saw friends and asked them about their Christmas, many replied that they were relieved how quiet it was. Because the whole season was frantic and stressful, they kept the actual holiday weekend low-key and simple. They invariably said, “Boring but good.” I had to reply, “I agree, because we did the same thing.”

Then, in getting my bi-annual teeth cleaning, my dentist asked me if I had allergies, health issues and any life changes they should know about. My response was “No, how boring.”

In reflection, we often think of boring in a negative way. We think that nothing is going on and we are a Loser. In all truthfulness, and especially in these two cases, we should feel good and think of it in a positive way.

I am blessed to have no allergies or health issues. (Heck I just found out I still have no cavities at age 50! How many people can say that?) My friends and I are lucky to have had a reduced amount of stress at one of the busiest times of the years. We all deserve  to be boring! So now I’m looking for more ways in my own life to say “boring is good.”

Please do share…what is boring in your life that makes you feel good?

Keep moving forward…

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