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Best accounting software for MAC

“What is the best accounting software to use for the MAC?”   I was asked this question this week. The person has a small business, uses a MAC and wants to use the best accounting software on the market. They want to make a smart buying decision, since face it, you live in your accounting […]

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Tools Technology Tip

Technology Tip: Tool to Create Free PDF Documents

Need to create occasional sales flyers or price lists in a graphics software and then email the files to your distributors? Need to make the file small enough to send through email due to all of the pictures? Really don’t want your distributors to be able to easily edit the file? An easy solution is […]

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A clutter-free desk: 5 Steps to getting your paper organized

The average executive wastes six weeks per year retrieving misplaced information due to messy desks and files, according to The Wall Street Journal. That’s a loss of $9,221 or, 12.3% of earnings for managers earning $75,000 a year. Professional organizers can help people like you clean up your act – starting with the desktop! A […]

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Higher Gas Prices: What Can a Small Business Do?

On September 1st, the IRS increased the mileage rate allowance to 48½ cents a mile from 40½ cents a mile. This 8-cent increase was prompted by soaring gas prices. At the same time Amtrak raised its fares, citing fuel costs have risen 40% from a year ago and are expected to continue climbing. Amtrak is […]

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Financial Management Sales Tax Rate

QuickBooks Tip #16: Change Sales Tax Rate

PROBLEM: The sales tax rate in your area is changing. You are a current user of QuickBooks® software and you need to ensure the proper rate will be applied to all sales.   SOLUTION:   To ensure everything flows smoothly and accurately be sure to execute all three steps!  1.      Add the new Sales Tax […]

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People Management Not Being Nice

The Cost of Not Being Nice

Twice this month I observed small business owners chewing out their staff inappropriately. One wrote a rude note to an employee and the other basically belittled a staff member in front of me. The owners felt justified because of their load running the business. They were frustrated that no one could get it like they could. […]

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People Management Lessons for Bosses

Lessons for Bosses from The Devil Wears Prada

Watch the movie or read the book The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger and you’ll get a good laugh. At first, the hard driving boss, Miranda Priestly, seems like a joke. How could anyone be so mean to their staff? (She’s even worse in the book!) Then you will inevitably begin to muse if […]

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People Management Work and Live Simply

How to Work & Live Simply

Achieving balance can seem as elusive as finding the Holy Grail. We work at it and work at it but the scale of balance keeps tipping. I have a suggestion for a first step. Make things simpler. But what does it mean? I’m a firm believer that we make things hard for ourselves. We complicate […]

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