Operations Manual QuickStart Kit


Do you need to document the procedures within your company but don’t know how to get started?

– Wouldn’t you love a proven and easy way to create a professional looking manual PLUS have an effective system in place to maintain it?

– Have your manual ready in 30 minutes or less with our Kit!

With this product you will be able to:

  • Have a central place to store all of the procedures, instructions, codes and special notes about running YOUR business. You can have your manual in place within 15 minutes!
  • Quickly grab your organized binder and read your notes. You can get your task done faster, with a lot less stress.
  • Get the stuff out of your head and onto paper – so that you and your team don’t have to be responsible for remembering. It’s in your manual when you need the information!
  • Have the confidence that the steps you are doing for a task are correct since you (or someone on your team) documented them.
  • Also have the same information in an organized and easy to find electronic format on your computer. One of the key features of the kit is teaching you how to name and store electronic files for easy access. (I’ll also show you a simple way to keep your electronic files if you don’t want others to have access to make changes.) Some people have said this feature alone is worth the cost of the product. You can use the methodology for all your other files.
  • Save you time trying to figure out the best format and structure for a manual. After working with many clients, I’ve done this for you! I provide the templates so you can get started dropping in your information.
  • Save time training anyone new who starts working for you.
  • Sleep better at night  knowing your business processes are documented. If someone on your team leaves, the information doesn’t leave with them!

Hi, my name is Debbie Gilster, and I’m the Founder & Chief Productivity Guru at the Center for Productivity. For almost 20 years, I’ve been working with all different types of small businesses to streamline their operations. My work includes being the part-time or interim Chief Operating Officer for emerging businesses. In that role, my primary responsibility is to ensure the business flows smoothly and is operating both profitably and effectively.

I developed this product because I consistently saw the same issue in every small business I’ve worked in.

People scrambled to find notes on how to do something. Time is wasted researching how to do a task – when the steps were decided before but now no one remembers. Errors are created because the “right” steps are not followed. The IT support guy setup the computers and network but no one knows the details – and now that guy can’t be found. Passwords, ids, and access codes are on sticky notes somewhere in the office (hopefully).

With their Operations Manual in place, these things STOPPED happening for my clients!

So, why didn’t these companies already have a manual?

  • For most, it didn’t occur to them to centralize their procedures in one place. They were so busy working “in” the business, they weren’t taking time to work “on” their business.
  • They thought they had cryptic notes written somewhere.
  • They assumed their assistant or other admin folks had this documented. (Yet when I checked, they didn’t!)
  • The thought of writing out a huge procedure manual made them scream! They thought the process would be painful. (But but it doesn’t have to be!)

My Operations Manual format was just what they needed. (I use it too in my own consulting and training business! It has saved my bacon on several occasions.) Now, the critical items they need to have documented are in one place and easily accessible. The process to add or change something is easy to do and understand. (Heck, you can even quickly drop some handwritten notes into the binder and be able to find them again.)

The kit includes:

  • Five (5) templates to create a full Operations Manual binder – templates are Microsoft Word (2003+ compatible) files that you can easily and FULLY customize with your company name.

  • My exclusive setup and instruction guide that walks you through:
    • Setting up your binder and files – includes customizing the templates, creating your computer folders to store the templates, and a proven system for naming the computer files
    • Creating procedures
    • Distributing your manual
    • Maintaining your manual – including how to handle version control when your procedures change!
  • Email access to Debbie for 30 days with any “getting started” questions.

The guide alone is like having Debbie personally train you!


Dear Debbie,

I’m writing to thank you for creating the Operations Manual Quickstart Kit. Since I received it and set it up within our company, I’ve been thrilled with the results.  We are no longer searching around for bits and pieces of information and wasting time recreating procedures and instructions.  We simply refer to our manual, and it’s all right there at our fingertips.  I can’t thank you enough for this timesaving product!

Cathy M.
Office Manager
Sales Training Company

Who can and should use this product:

  • Any small business
  • Solo entrepreneurs
  • Businesses with virtual helpers
  • Small businesses with family members who help them

This system and the templates have been kept simple on purpose. No one, including me, likes to spend a lot of time on procedures. But…they are a necessary aspect of any business. Especially a business that wants to grow and definitely those that want to be sold someday.  In addition, think of the chaos that would ensue if there were a tragic event such as the disability or death of a key employee who had all of the procedures in their head, but not on paper. Or, if that employee were to leave the company without notice, you would be left struggling to recreate the procedures that are important to running your business.

Get your manual in place for only $49.

Start right now by downloading your QuickStart Kit through our secure cart.

Note: The license for this product is for use within a single company. It may not be resold or otherwise distributed as a template for others to use, nor may you publish a sample manual for sale. If you are a consultant and/or want to use it for multiple companies, please sign up for our Affiliate Program and have your client purchase the product from us directly.

SINGLE-USE LICENSE:  button-bn-y

Don’t put this off! As your company grows, so does the information associated with running it. You can’t afford to waste time (and money) recreating the wheel each time you do something or looking for notes all over your office. Be organized and more effective!


Debbie Gilster signature


If you are not fully satisfied with the product,

contact us within 60 days of your purchase,

and if after working with us you are still not happy, we’ll give you a full refund.

FAQ: Answers to Your Questions

About the Operations Manual QuickStart Kit

Q: What exactly do you get?

A: A zip file containing the following files.

    1. Binder Cover Page template
    2. Binder Spine insert template
    3. Binder Divider Tabs with my proven section titles that encompass your entire business. (Change these if they don’t fit for you.)
    4. Table of Contents template with suggested procedures for each section (change this to fit your needs)
    5. Procedure template – to use for any type of procedure you want to document. Click here to see an example.
    6. System and Setup Guide – includes how to setup your binder and files; how to create procedures and name your electronic file; tips on distributing your manual; plus recommended best practices for maintaining your manual. I’ve even included some examples from my clients you can emulate.

All templates are in Microsoft Word 2003+ (.doc) format. They will work with Word 2007 just fine. If you are using a MAC or other type of application, I would be happy to send you the files in an .rtf format.

Q: What will I need to do to get started once I receive the product? How much time will it take?

A: You will need to purchase a 3-ring binder, and a set of specific 8-tab index dividers. I tell you where to get these at your local office supply store. You will need to set up electronic folders in your computer. We expect you to have an entry-level knowledge of Microsoft Word. We’ve added helpful reminders about menu choices within Word just in case you need them.  Once you have your supplies, it shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to get started writing your first procedure.

Q: Have you written the procedures for me?

A: No. I can’t do that because every company is different. I give you a list of procedures I believe you should have but you ultimately make the decision what goes into your Operations Manual. I include some real life examples in the System and Setup Guide that you can use as visual examples. I purposefully keep the formatting very simple so that there will be minimal barriers to writing and updating your operational procedures. Even someone with a very basic understanding of Word can do this! If you’d like help writing your procedures, please contact us.

Q: Why is the product so affordable?

A: At Center for Productivity, our intent is to provide you with tools that make a difference for a reasonable price. We want you to be more organized and less stressed because you now have your operation’s procedures out of your head and onto paper – and all in one central location. As stated above, this is not a complete set of pre-written procedures you can edit. you are really getting my tested structure, process and templates to save you time and money trying to figure this out for yourself. For the value, this product should be priced a lot higher. You will see why when you experience significant improvements in your company’s efficiency and productivity!

Q: Is there a difference between an Operations Manual and a Procedures Manual?

A: Yes, there is a difference. In my definition, an Operations Manual is a simple binder where all key how-to instructions and operations information are stored for a company in one central place. An Operations Manual is a perfect, easy way for all small businesses to start documenting their important functions.

A Procedure Manual is a mix of policy and procedure, it is more structured and detailed in format, and is typically put together at the department or functional process level. There may be a time when you need a more formal Procedure Manual such as you would find in a large corporation. It all depends on your company culture and growth.

In the future, if you find you want to switch to a Procedure Manual format, you will be able to do so easily, since you will have your information in Word files and you will not need to retype your information. See our Procedure Manual QuickStart Kit – available soon – if you think you need this. I suggest smaller businesses start with an Operations Manual format.

Q: Is this product just for companies with staff?

A: NO! Since communication is even more critical when you have a team, it is crucial that you document how you want things to be done in your operation. But, even a one-person business can forget how to do things. This is especially true for tasks that are important to do right, but don’t happen everyday. We just have too much to remember. Writing procedures steps down and having then in one place will certainly reduce your stress. The concept for this product started out for a solo business.


Just wanted to let you know that your Operations Manual is a definite winner. I can’t believe the amount of time that was spent in disorganization and chaos before we set up our manual. It’s fantastic to have all of our vital information in one central location now. We would recommend it to any small business that wants to operate more smoothly!

Allen R.
Tile Company

Get your manual in place for only $49.

SINGLE-USE LICENSE:  button-bn-y

Start right now by downloading your QuickStart Kit through our secure cart.

Note: The license for this product is for use within a single company. It may not be resold or otherwise distributed as a template for others to use, nor may you publish a sample manual for sale. If you are a consultant and/or want to use it for multiple companies, please sign up for our Affiliate Program and have your client purchase the product from us directly.
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