Products That Will Help You Be More Effective

Here you’ll find products that we truly believe will help you to run a more effective and productive small business. Products can come in the form of templates, forms, ebooks, software and checklists. You will be able to use these tools to manage your time more effectively so that you and your staff can work on income producing tasks. Some products are ours and others we believe so strongly in we just had to to let you know about. Nothing gets on this list unless it passes our tough standards. If you have something you think we should consider, let us know!

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Operations Manual Quickstart Kit

Create an Operations Manual for your company in no time flat. The kit includes customizable Microsoft Word documents PLUS a detailed guide book to not only get you started, but also tell you how to have an internal system for maintaining your Operation Manual from here forward. See the detail page for more information.


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Planning Calendar

Simple form to keep track of and communicate company deadlines, plans and key dates. Plan your key tasks and events each month using this template. Modify it to suit to your needs. We personally use this in our monthly staff meeting. We add keys events coming up in the next few months like vacations, tradeshows, speaking engagements, etc. It helps to keep us all on the same page and plan a bit earlier! The template includes some examples to show you many different ways to use this great tool. The file is a Microsoft Word document ready for you to edit.

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Checks, Supplies and Printing

To be as financially productive as possible, you should be using tools that save you time, reduce errors and improve your image to the outside world. At a minimum, these tools include: computer checks, pre-printed deposit slips, deposit stamp, return address stamp, and window envelopes. Our products work seamlessly with standard accounting software like QuickBooks, Quicken and many more. Every one of our small business clients uses these to work smarter, not harder. We’ve set up an online store for you to order directly through the company we’ve used for almost 20 years. We will see your order and make sure it is properly processed. Call or email us if you have questions. Want anything printed? Check out all of the other items you can order like pre-printed invoices, note cards, door hangers, holiday cards and the like!

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My Schedule Time Audit Form for Business

Are you as effective as you want to be? Use this free PDF form to determine where you are spending your time. Log your activities on a daily basis for a week. At the end of the week, summarize your time by the listed categories.

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Nature Sounds of Hawaii CD

Calm yourself and stay focused on your task. A little soothing music in the background helps many people to be more productive. This is one of Debbie’s personal favorites. Not distracting, just right! Go to the detail page to listen to some samples.


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