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Best accounting software for MAC

“What is the best accounting software to use for the MAC?”   I was asked this question this week. The person has a small business, uses a MAC and wants to use the best accounting software on the market. They want to make a smart buying decision, since face it, you live in your accounting […]

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Higher Gas Prices: What Can a Small Business Do?

On September 1st, the IRS increased the mileage rate allowance to 48½ cents a mile from 40½ cents a mile. This 8-cent increase was prompted by soaring gas prices. At the same time Amtrak raised its fares, citing fuel costs have risen 40% from a year ago and are expected to continue climbing. Amtrak is […]

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Sales Tax Rate

QuickBooks Tip #16: Change Sales Tax Rate

PROBLEM: The sales tax rate in your area is changing. You are a current user of QuickBooks® software and you need to ensure the proper rate will be applied to all sales.   SOLUTION:   To ensure everything flows smoothly and accurately be sure to execute all three steps!  1.      Add the new Sales Tax […]

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Year-End Checklist

Year end checklist for a small business

Because many of you have asked, here are some things every small business should look at as the year end approaches and also to close out the year. Things to do before December 31 Look at your Profit & Loss report. Where do you stand? If you have a larger than expected profit, are there […]

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