Managing your people (your team and yourself!)

People Management

Not Being Nice

The Cost of Not Being Nice

Twice this month I observed small business owners chewing out their staff inappropriately. One wrote a rude note to an employee and the other basically belittled a staff member in front of me. The owners felt justified because of their load running the business. They were frustrated that no one could get it like they could. […]

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Lessons for Bosses

Lessons for Bosses from The Devil Wears Prada

Watch the movie or read the book The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger and you’ll get a good laugh. At first, the hard driving boss, Miranda Priestly, seems like a joke. How could anyone be so mean to their staff? (She’s even worse in the book!) Then you will inevitably begin to muse if […]

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Work and Live Simply

How to Work & Live Simply

Achieving balance can seem as elusive as finding the Holy Grail. We work at it and work at it but the scale of balance keeps tipping. I have a suggestion for a first step. Make things simpler. But what does it mean? I’m a firm believer that we make things hard for ourselves. We complicate […]

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Move Forward With Intention

How to Move Forward with Intention

Do you find it hard to reach your goals? You’re not alone. According to the American Society of Training and Development, the probability of completing a goal is tied to these activities: 10% = If you hear an idea 25% = If you consciously decide to adopt it 40% = If you decide when you […]

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Gratitude Pays Off

Gratitude Pays Off in Big Ways

Thanksgiving is typically one of our primary times for reflection. We think about the people we know, the things we have and how blessed we are with the richness life brings – even in these trying times. This holiday is synonymous with gratitude. It is good to know that most people report being grateful (with […]

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Ready for New Year

Get Yourself Ready For The New Year

We often focus on the year end tasks surrounding our small business. (Read our business related article.) Getting yourself ready is just as important and probably even more beneficial in the long run. In a small business, our personal lives are so tied to the business that the overlapping areas are often gray. Here are […]

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Complacency in the Office

Complacency in the Office

Several clients have recently asked me this question and someone stated in our online productivity survey that this was an issue for them personally. It has been phrased several ways – as a lack of motivation, diminished drive, or even laziness. Complacency can happen if a task or job becomes too repetitive and it can happen […]

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