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Life balance is flowing like a river

Get your life back into FLOW

I believe that deep down, when we need more work-life balance, we have a desire for order in our lives. Order allows us to feel calm and less stressed. When this happens, not only do things click into place around you, but you actually feel it. I call this achieving FLOW. You know you are […]

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Clutter-Free Desk

A clutter-free desk: 5 Steps to getting your paper organized

The average executive wastes six weeks per year retrieving misplaced information due to messy desks and files, according to The Wall Street Journal. That’s a loss of $9,221 or, 12.3% of earnings for managers earning $75,000 a year. Professional organizers can help people like you clean up your act – starting with the desktop! A […]

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Ready for New Year

Get Yourself Ready For The New Year

We often focus on the year end tasks surrounding our small business. (Read our business related article.) Getting yourself ready is just as important and probably even more beneficial in the long run. In a small business, our personal lives are so tied to the business that the overlapping areas are often gray. Here are […]

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