Scam warning-Guest on TV show

by Debbie Gilster

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TV Reporter

Wow…I just had to share this information with you all. Be wary of this scam.

As small business owners we often die for the opportunity to get free publicity and be interviewed by the press. Who would have known there is a scam going on out there that feeds on our very desire to be noticed? This takes everything to a new level. Click here to read all of the details on attorney Steven Berk’s site.

Many thanks go to Susan Rogan, a colleague of mine through the American Association of Daily Money Managers, who let us know about this. She was approached by these guys and for some reason her radar went off. Go Susan for asking questions and checking this out. I’m not sure I would have been so diligent.

One of the sad lessons (and reminders) for me here is to ask questions, be clear who is calling me and then quickly check them out. If my own intuition says something isn’t right, I need to listen and explore a bit deeper. Things are not always what they see.

What lesson does this bring up for you?

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